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 The Kiwanis Club of Monument Hill

Club Projects

Monument Hill Kiwanis Club projects are as varied as the interests of our members require. They focus primarily either on raising funds for club operations and for grants to worthy causes, or on contributing sweat equity in support of many of those same causes. If you have an interest in any of these activities listed below, let us know either by emailing us using the ‘Contact’ page – see the navigation bar to the left of this page -- or by selecting the appropriate ‘check’ box or boxes using the ‘Projects’ volunteer page in our Member Area.


Club Projects include:


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BINGO - Bingo is the most important opportunity for service in fundraising the Club offers to its members. (All new members are expected to participate in this activity if at all possible.) The club conducts a Bingo game each Monday night in Colorado Springs, with members participating on one of four teams so they are involved normally no more than once every four weeks or so. Duties vary according to the interest of participants and the needs of team leaders -- from calling games, to vending pull-tabs on the floor, to managing the accounting and sales effort. The activity provides ample time for participants to get to know fellow club members and to meet participants from Colorado Springs area. A truly enriching experience for our members, as well as for the Club!

Corporate Sponsorship – Local businesses and professional service providers, many club members themselves, contribute to the Club as Corporate Sponsors, providing funds that the Club can provide to the causes it sponsors. In return, the Club acknowledges this generosity, recognizes and applauds these club sponsors, and urges members and others to patronize their businesses.

Craft Show – Just before Christmas the Club hosts a Craft Show in one of the local schools. We invite vendors/craftsmen and women from around the area to participate, earning money from the booth space rentals.

Sports Pools – Club members conduct informal sports pools among the membership at meetings and at social events to defray club operating costs. They include football, basketball and Super Bowl pools during the appropriate seasons of the year. 

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Paint & Hammer – Members having ‘do-it-yourself’ skills provide these services from time to time to elderly or physically challenged residents of the area who require them. The activity is especially rewarding because the donor of services gets to interact face-to-face with the recipient. 

4th of July Parade – A real pride of the Club… with the support of our principal sponsor Integrity Bank, we conduct a 4th of July Parade in the Town of Monument each year. The parade has become renown in Colorado as the largest small town parade in the State, having up to 15,000 spectators each year in recent years, and over 100 floats and groups participating. It’s a great way to celebrate the birth of our Nation!

Other Projects --  Other community service projects that the Club has organized and carried out include judging at DECA (Distributive Education Council of America) competitions, serving as election judges, mentoring in local schools, speaking to middle school students about patriotism and citizenship, distributing materials and welcoming new citizens at naturalization ceremonies, and providing income tax assistance to senior citizens.

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Senior Meals – The Club supports a program of providing noon meals for Tri-Lakes area seniors twice a week by transporting food containers from downtown Colorado Springs to downtown Monument. The work operates on a roster basis with volunteers working on roughly a once per month basis.

Empty Bowl Dinner -- The dinner is a major fundraiser for Tri-Lakes Cares. Each October, the Club asks local potters to prepare and donate bowls; restaurants, bakeries, and super-markets to donate soups and other foodstuffs. Club members then gather these gifts, organize and serve a dinner (along with our own Key Clubbers), and sell tickets to the event. The price of a ticket entitles participants to get a pottery bowl of their choice as well as a dinner of soup, breads and desserts. Net proceeds from the event benefit Tri-Lakes Cares.

Salvation Army Bell Ringing – From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve each year, the Club conducts a bell-ringing campaign for the Salvation Army at three locations in the community: Safeway, King Soopers and Wal-Mart. Unlike many other campaigns, our bell ringers perform their services for free. So the return to Salvation Army is especially rich – more than $35,000 per year in recent years.

Harvest of Love Food Collection – Yet another program to assist Tri-Lakes Cares, this one conducted by Lewis~Palmer School District # 38. We assist by gathering up and delivering the donated goods to the Tri-Lakes Cares warehouse.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Food and Gift Baskets -- At these two significant holidays, our members prepare and deliver holiday food and gift baskets to the needy in our community in support of Tri-Lakes Cares.

Support of Other Community Organizations -- The Club frequently provides volunteer services needed by other community organizations to further their missions.  Examples include assisting the Tri-Lakes Women’s Club in putting on their annual fundraising events, assisting the Aspen Camp during its annual clean-up weekend, supporting Griffith Centers for Children with volunteers for its annual golf tournament, ‘Peak Challenge’ and other fundraisers, as well as maintenance work at the Centers facilities, among others

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Support of Youth and National Heritage Banner

Kiwanis Service Leadership Program - Kiwanis offers perhaps the most comprehensive and thoroughly developed program for youth leadership of any service organization. It involves participants in various organized activities from elementary school through college. We feel that sponsoring this program in the Tri-Lakes area at all levels in the Lewis-Palmer School District is one of the most valuable gifts we give to the community. It is also one of the most rewarding for those who participate. Members are involved in counseling, managing and funding the program in full coordination with and participation by the Lewis-Palmer School District administrative and teaching staff.

Rocky Mountain Youth Leadership Conference – Another opportunity for youth leadership and training, RMYLC was founded by one of our members; and the Club supports the effort monetarily and through participation as counselors, proctors and trainers.

Dictionaries for 3rd Grade Students – This is a wonderful program started by Rotary. We volunteered to sponsor it in the Tri-Lakes area when nearby Rotary Clubs could not. It is highly rewarding for our third graders who relish having their own source to look up the meaning of words as they learn to use them. Club members manage the program and pass out the books to recipients.

Deaf & Blind School Golf Program – We have a lot of golfers in the Club, and many of them get a sense of reward in helping out with a golfing program benefitting a local school for the deaf and blind. It’s hard to imagine that someone so challenged could benefit from such a program – but they do; and some are pretty darned good at it!

Therapeutic Horseback Riding – It has been shown that the healing process is all the more successful when recovering patients make physical and psychological connection with equine friends. It may be the soothing motion that does it; it may be the sense of accomplishment the rider acquires in the process. But it works! So, several of our members assist in operating a local Therapeutic Horseback Riding program for the benefit of Lewis-Palmer School District.

Soap Box Derby – the Soap Box Derby in Colorado Springs ( is put on collaboratively by a number of organizations in the area. For the past few years, our Club has led the effort, in managing, funding and staffing it – with other organizations providing manpower as well. To volunteer to help, please follow the online registration link on the web page of the Pikes Peak Soap Box Derby, at!